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C4i, one of the publicly traded LongReach Group family of companies, designs, manufactures, integrates and sells communications solutions for military and government customers worldwide. Based in Melbourne, Australia and Reston, Virginia, USA, the company has over 20 years of experience enhancing the reach and scope of communications networks in the areas of defense, homeland security, public safety and public infrastructure through the application of advanced technologies.C4i is a market leader in building and delivering communication interoperability solutions using RoIP. RoIP or Radio over Internet Protocol, focuses on transcoding a variety of complex radio protocols to one standard protocol, to facilitate ease of interoperability and to enable more intelligent applications.

Integrated Sensor Technology LLC


Integrated Sensor Technology (IST) specializes in general sensor technologies - ground surveillance radars, unattended ground sensors, electro optics, wireless mesh networks, unmanned aerial vehicles, among other tactical and commercial sensors. IST works with clients to identify their surveillance needs, develop a solution, provide specialized training on individual sensors and develop a turnkey system of security and surveillance applications. The aim is to hand over a seamlessly integrated solution that the client is trained to effectively use with satisfaction and success in the mission.

Rotomotion LLC


Rotomotion manufactures and designs VTOL UAV aircraft, VTOL UAV flight controllers, inertial measuring units, attitude heading and reference systems, and other inertial sensing-based devices. Rotomotion is active in the research and development of many types of inertial products, both as open source projects and as proprietary products. Rotomotion products have been applied in many applications, from two-wheeled robots to UAV helicopters to UAV blimps.

Polynetworks LLC