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About Us

The word "Poly" is derived from ancient Greek word polus which means "many". Polynetworks deals with "many networks" – both wired and wireless, providing seamless connectivity end to end. We create, design, integrate and develop precise solutions which include various types of networks and applications. All work synchronously as one large networking cloud irrespective of physical locations, protocols and topology. We apply theory and research to real world applications to solve practical issues that arise everyday in the field of telecommunications. We believe a strong reliable network is a key to sustainability and growth of organizations since most of the operations are solely dependent on the underlying network.

Polynetworks LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Narberth, Pennsylvania which provides a variety of services in the field of Telecommunications and Networking. We provide research, consulting, integration and product design and development services to a myriad of government, government contractors and commercial entities in the field of wireless communications. We have more than 5 years of experience in broadband wireless networks – both static and mobile. We have extensive hardware and software knowledge and expertise to create practical real world systems – having a holistic approach for deployable products. We have performed training, installation and troubleshooting of tactical and mission critical wireless solutions in the field. Our technical skills include:

Polynetworks is committed to provide expert advice and solutions to our customers. We personally engage with them and perform detailed needs assessment. With strong partnership with other organizations we ensure that creative and affordable solutions are developed to meet the needs of our customers. Our approach is customized and every detail is addressed to provide a complete solution. Our relationship with our partners, integrators and equipment suppliers has enabled us to broaden our client and customer base which has helped us in solving complex challenges of this ever demanding field of networking. Apart from technical solutions we do provide strategic and logistics services such as:

Our team consists of personnel with a systems approach. We have creative engineers who solve problems with their expertise and experience in the field of telecommunications and networking. We engage every member of our team, right from concept design to product and service delivery. Our team includes engineers with Masters degree and strategic advisors with a PHD. Our experts have more than 25 years of experience and have worked in various sectors of the government, DoD, DHS and law enforcement. This brings trust and credibility to our management and team and the organization as a whole. We involve our partners, consultants and vendors in systems integration projects and we ensure that they benefit as much as we do in all our joint endeavors.

Polynetworks is devoted to the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality. There is no compromise on trust and we ensure that all our business principles and ethics are active and practiced throughout the course of the project or relationship. We also assure all our partners and customers to gain from our engagements and collaborations, since we think long term affiliations are essential for progress and profitability. Success of our business lies in the success of our relationships. Let’s Connect!

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